Welcome to the next generation loyalty program for your food service business.

With the Avere Loyalty App™, you can now offer a Digital Loyalty App to your customers, branded for your business.

In addition to a digital punch card with redemption prizes, the Foody Snap™ feature is a live invitation, or notice from you to your guests! 

Avere Loyalty App™ is an easy platform offering big perks and incentives to your customers! It is free for your guests to download, and an easy payment plan program for your business.  

During the food service industry boom between now and 2027, creating an ironclad loyalty program that can be easily promoted within, will prove to be fun for your guests, and productive for your business. 

With support and nurturing from Avere Marketing, the Avere Loyalty App™, branded for your business will flourish into an essential asset for you, will prove to be a productive program.

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