App Features

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Foody Snap™

Managed by owners, or supervisors (via mobile device, laptop, or desktop), this feature is a real-time invitation that notifies customers from the app of a special, or event. The Foody Snap™ feature is easy to manage, it is productive for the business, and fun for your customers! 

A full menu is equivalent to the restaurant dine-in menu, cocktail menu, wine menu, or craft beer list. Easily updated from the Admin Dashboard via mobile device, laptop, or desktop. 

Loyalty Club™

A virtual punch card, is safe and secure. Customers get a reward for food, drinks, apparel, or a gift after 10 visits. This is an exciting feature for a single location or multiple locations.  It's a great local tool easily promoted through an existing email marketing program and/or internal signage, or social media. It is easily managed by a supervisor, or owner, via mobile device,  laptop, or desktop.


The Administrator can easily edit and update the entire App from a mobile device, laptop or desktop. Set levels of access for managers and supervisors. Managers can invite guests in via the Foody Snap™ feature and pack the house within hours of the invitation.  

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